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DIGI-MAT will help you become a highly skilled leader ready to pursue a range of careers in academic, corporate, or laboratory capacities impacting a wide range of industries including manufacturing, energy, transportation, medicine and more.

If you have questions or would like to start the application process for the DIGI-MAT fellowship, please contact Angela Slates for more information.


The new workforce in industry and academia will require scientists to be proficient in both the domain science and the informatics tools in materials computation. There will be a greater need than ever for scientists to have earned relevant skills during their graduate training, to be good communicators, and to be prepared for leadership career trajectories, all in a diverse workforce. If you join DIGI-MAT, you will join a group of other trainees and a faculty team focused on advancing data science while conceiving, designing, developing, and applying new materials at an atom-by-atom level and harnessing the massive, heterogeneous data sets required to do so. In addition to participating in cutting edge research, trainees participate in a variety of professional development seminars to further enhance their professionalism, skills and training.


Your student will become a part of the DIGI-MAT trainee group and have a unique five-year experience in data informatics and materials at the atomic scale. You will have an opportunity to participate in and nurture the academic development of a DIGI-MAT trainee and to learn more about this unique opportunity for future students.


Our industry partners will have an opportunity to collaborate in the research and development of a DIGI-MAT trainee and no expense. Our industry partners also have an opportunity to work toward future employment opportunities with established interns once the DIGI-MAT supported internship has been completed.